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and market risk, regulatory risk

regulatory risks, current P2P investment banking platform in a vacuum of regulation. However, once the legislature and regulatory authorities to recognize certain P2P investment banking platform portfolio of all substance is outside the scope of personal debt, would have introduced limits on P2P business regulatory policies and measures, set the threshold for business, prevent risks of P2P cross-agency.

market risk is the risk to all financial institutions. P2P investment banking platform, locate individual micro-credit business, is to reduce the market risk of the core principles. Since individual micro-credit mainly to meet the individual consumer and the needs of small businesses, less affected by market volatility, risk can be overridden through the law of large numbers and rates of digestion.

Second, moral risks and credit risks of

P2P investment platform is not currently regulated, and lack of effective external oversight mechanisms entirely P2P moral constraints to bosses at investment banking platform to ensure operational compliance and, therefore, moral hazard is present. In recent years, shut down or run P2P platform either fraud or lack of basic care responsibility.

credit risk is the risk of borrowers unable to repay the loan on the platform, which is one of the most basic risk the P2P platform. Throughout the social credit environment, the credit reporting system does not cover all individuals and rely on credit information service institutions, credit risk is particularly serious.