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Trillions of reverse repurchase expired still difficult "double flat"

&Nbsp;     Beijing business today News (reporter Cui Qibin Liu Shuangxia) to cope with money stress during the Spring Festival, before the Central Bank today released by doing the reverse repurchase 2 trillion yuan of liquidity. Section, with the reverse repurchase expired trillion yuan, funding concerns. While the Central Bank's monetary policy triggered conjecture.
, the Central Bank continued its reverse repurchase operations. According to the Central Bank's official website shows that Central Bank 10 billion yuan in the open market yesterday 7-day reverse repurchase operations, the interest rate is 2.25%.
in fact, in response to the liquidity squeeze during the Spring Festival, starting from January this year, the Central Bank increased the intensity of open market operations, coverage to the 7-day, 14-day and 28-day period, and on January 29, the Central Bank pulled the curtain every day reverse repurchase on the open market. With a large number of reverse repurchase expired after the money is concerned, the Central Bank's next monetary policy sparked speculation. According to the Wind statistics, after a two-week total of 1.295 trillion yuan of reverse repurchase expired, including 1.065 trillion yuan 28-day reverse repurchase and 230 billion yuan 14-day reverse repurchase expired.
Bank one reverse repurchase on the open market operations, money market liquidity has been balanced on the pine. China Securities said, when the Spring Festival factor disappears, will reverse repurchase at least 1.1 trillion yuan and 10 million Yuan SLF expires, unless the Bank continued to do, then money may not appear obviously loose.