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People's Bank and other eight ministries issued a document to strengthen financial support for industrial

&Nbsp;      said implementing differentiated industrial credit policy, and guide financial institutions to improve access to credit standards, increase strategic emerging industries, traditional industries technical renovation and upgrade support. Encouraged on the premise of risk control of banking institutions, due to lower new-energy cars, used car loan payments. Leading banking institutions on iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, shipbuilding, coal and other products are competitive in the industry, market, cost-effective quality enterprises to continue to provide credit support.
expressed support actively yet prudently resolve the overcapacity in industrial enterprises. Overcapacity industries without obtaining the legal procedure of new capacity-building projects, are not allowed to grant credit; to long-term losses, the loss of liquidity and market competitiveness of "zombies", or environmental protection, work safety standards and not enterprises with no hope of rectification and backward production capacity, strongly compressed exit loan.
innovation in credit products, inputs, to develop energy efficiency credit contract energy management, future income right mortgage loans, carbon emissions, emissions mortgage loans, such as mortgages, green credit. Encourage financial institutions to develop independent brands, trademark rights and other intangible assets loan business. Support on the premise of effective risk control of financial institutions, implement debt-free renewal credit, revolving credit, such as micro-enterprise innovation of working capital loan repayment options.
view was expressed that the increase of industrial enterprises ' direct financing support. Support "made in China" 2025 "and strategic emerging industries manufacturing enterprises, equity financing in the capital markets at all levels. Speed up the formation of new venture capital funds. Speeding up housing and car loans into asset-backed securities. Advancing the first (set) equipment for insurance compensation system pilot project.
in the area of risk prevention, clear, and to actively and steadily "zombie" corporate credit exit, banking credit capital safety. Financial credit information basic database role into full play, establish interdepartmental joint disciplinary mechanism for malicious evasion of Bank debts and "malicious removal" enterprises and individuals form a strong constraint.