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Micro-withdrawal charges or "birds"

&Nbsp;    "point charge nothing, but this money ' tie ' in the app feels bad, and now even the bank transfer is free, how micro-letter, in turn, charges? "Miss Beijing white collar line, represents the views of many users.
in this regard, micro-payment also said his "anguish". Tencent official said: "every time a user through the bank accounts of recharge, the Bank will charge a fee, at present, some banks will charge a fee. With business booming, huge cost have been unbearable for all of us. This adjustment also wants to subsidize part of the cost. "
Tencent, the Internet Financials said, could have let the red hair in recharge to pay a fee, but we think such a poor customer experience, and so he chose the money people are paying fees.
Tencent's statement is not a lie. Xinhua learned from a number of third party payment authority, currently take payment through PayPal, tenpay institutions now, most banks do not charge or charge is a low charge transfer from the Bank, bank transaction fees. Ordinary consumers do not feel, is because most of the paying agent to the balance cost of merchant fees.
"put bluntly, ' wool grows on the dogs '." One of the heads of paying agencies, told reporters, "micro-and PayPal, will suffer in the c-Terminal (client) is too heavy, businesses are too light, not enough business to prop up its cost. "
micro-step chess?
the industry, third party payment institutions "withdrawal" refers to customers paying the Agency open a virtual account in the transfer of funds to bind cards. This customer payments, financial management, using features such as red hair is not much affected. At present, including micro-payments, PayPal, Baidu several paying agencies, wallets, transfers, payments, bonus, finance and other functions are free of charge.
micro-payment "charge-back" move is the second time. Micro letter last October announced the "transfer fee", also attracted a lot of attention at that time. Many consumers believe that Internet financial under the Act of transfer is charged back to the user.
in the play "free license", constantly online and offline payments and money transfer business penetration of third parties before, banks are "forced" to consumers who enjoy, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, zheshang Bank, nearly 20 banks announced one after another through online banking and phone banking transfers free of charge.